Why Overlook Bay?

Overlook Bay consists of some of the best properties situated on Lake Norris where you can truly escape the hustle of everyday life and unplug with the serenity of the Tennessee hills and the calming waters of the lake.  There is plenty to do at Overlook Bay.  View beautiful vistas where the lake meets the mountains.  Enjoy some of the best water activities like fishing, boating and water sports.  Take a hike through the surrounding wilderness where spotting deer and wild game is almost guaranteed.

Need some food or supplies? You’re just a quick boat ride or drive to our neighbors at Flat Hollow Marina with a full service restaurant, rentals, and live entertainment.  Want to just relax in the water? Overlook Bay has direct access to a long cove where other boaters won’t find your secret spot. 

Did you know Lake Norris is one of the cleanest lakes in America and the average water temperature in the summer is in the mid to high 80’s?  Come visit Overlook Bay and you may just call this your happy place….we did!